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SRC Documentation

Here you will find the basic usage of the interface.


The content on is intended to host static files in a logical order. Since these files don't change often having a CDN makes a lot of sense, since it adds a logical place to store and maintain static data.


Even though the content here is free for anyone to link to, there is no promise that it will continue to work in the future. Most, if not all, of the content here is probably going to be used to be refereed to by other pages in the domain, which is the prime purpose of this sub-domain.

If you own something hosted on this server and want it taken down, by all means, give us a hit.


The file structure in src is a set of GET requests that are used to classify the content, all data stored must be documented, named, whitelisted and uploaded to avoid the legacy what is where problem and other scenes of hell that I have survived and have no desire to go back to.

All parameters are required.

So you must provide a method, resource, version and format (in that order) with every request. If no parameters are provided you will just land on this page again.

See the examples for some functional URLs that use these four parameters.


So far src only supports the GET parameter as the first part of the URL.

  • Get a library or resource from src

Library or resource

The second parameter sets the library name on src, its limited to letters, numbers and a few special characters.

  • Get a library or file called resource.


There are three ways to set the version parameter in src. Note that if you use the default or latest versions your build can break if the resource you are linking to is not backwards compatible.

  • Get the specific version, it can be any number or code name, for example 1.0 for this resource.

  • Get the default for this resource, usually this is the stable version available on src.

  • You can also use the latest resource, this is the newest version available on src.


The format or extension to get from the resource.

  • Whitelisted formats available are css, js, json, jsonp, txt, csv, md, xml, rss, atom, png, ico, jpg, gif, bmp, svg, svgz, woff, woff2, ttf, otf, eot and is likely to grow.

Available Resources

Any given resource will always have the default version available and one of the allowed formats.

List of resources

As src is still very experimental so the full list of resources will remain undisclosed until the model is stable and secure.

Meanwhile hang on tight.


JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript example:



JSON example:


JSONP example:



SVG example: